Aims and Scope

The prime motto of the Society is “Let Not Pain and Pestilence Torment Men”. Nagarjuna, the Indian Alchemist, is shown enshrined in Rx (Thou take), the symbol of all that which relieves the human of his disease and distress in the modern age. nagarjuna, the Buddhist Divine of circa 1st century A.D., is rightly claimed as the Father of Indian Chemistry because it is he who invented the process of calcination,sublimation,distillation and extraction and who actually gave a concrete shape to chemistry. Not only a Chemist but Nagarjuna was the Chemist-Physician. Many therapeutic recipes including the elixir of life are ascribed to him. He was born under an Arjuna tree and his scientific knowledge was due to the Nagas (serpents), whence originated his name 'Nagarjuna'. In the portrait, based on the Tibetian original printing kept in Tashi Lumpo Monastery and reproduced in the Great English-Indian Dictionary of Raghuvira, the heads of five serpents, symbolical of Nagarjuna, are seen emerging from behind the halo of his head. The ancient scientist and sage of India shown in the picture, represent peace and plenty, power and serenity as the rewards of knowledge of the world in its material and spritual aspects. It is who asserted: As long as the science of chemistry prevails, "LET NOT PAIN AND PESTILENCE TORMENT MEN". We have adopted the latter part for our motto. Rx drawn on the background of the ancient Indian sage denotes that whereas we the Indian students of Pharmacy, are proud of our glorious past, we are equally conscious of the present day science advancing fastly in every direction. This also denotes that we, with the guiding inspiration of our hoary heritage, pledge ourselves to further the science of pharmacy in the ameleoration of human suffering.


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